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This is the doll journal of sea.



January 19th, 2008

Dorrie drama

So, the swedish doll club imploded in great drama a while back. Imploded because it went mostly unnoticed by the club members. As a result, I resigned as the cashier and webmaster. We simply did not agree on how to run the club and the forum. Enough of that. I'm not the kind of person to talk shit about others behind their back, but obviously others are. In front of my mother, no less. Two other club members went home to my parents to pick up some club stuff I had left there for them, and took the opportunity to talk shit about me in front of my mother. What the hell?? What did they possibly hope to accomplish by that? What mother would not side with her daughter instead of perfectly unknown strangers? My mother, a very timid and quiet person, told me she was very sad and upset after their short visit. If you have a problem with me, you take it up with me, not randomly complain about it to my mother! Totally unacceptable!

Edit: So, I confronted the two club members about it, and the reply I got was "OMG! We didn't do anything wrong!" Err, wrong answer. You should have replied: "oh sorry, didn't realise we made her upset." Geez.

June 16th, 2007

Me and Angelica spent the day at the teahouse in Stockholm, taking a bajillion pics. ^_^;

Thumbnails to 51 pics under the cut. :3Collapse )

March 2nd, 2007

Wish list

I'm very fickle with my doll fancies. Something I liked last week may be totally forgotten this week. Sometimes I rediscover old pretty things I wanted to buy but then forgot. I have a wishlist posted here somewhere but I don't remember what's on it and why I wanted it. So! I shall make myself a new list of things to be bought when I know if I have enough money. (Damn apartment renovation eats it all. I think. I really don't know how much money I have.)

+ Narin, 60cm tanned boy. Because Adrian needs his Naoki. $700.
+ Angelregion Ren or Volks MSD. Juni demands a boyfriend. $300.
+ Unoa Sist boy. $500. There will be a boy preorder. There must be. Argh!
+ SD sized couch. That doesn't cost more than my real life couch. -_-;

I could sell off a doll or three to pay for this... But I'm too lazy to make a sales post. Let me know if you want a Tinatsu, DD Kyoko, or LE R-Asiam.

January 25th, 2007

Dorrie drama

There was much wankage at DoD today. They really don't like shota. As in seriously hate it. I've never been called a pedophile by so many fangirls at the same site before. Haha. Interesting. As a result, I've grown a new fondness for yaoi fangirls. They may be rabid most of the time, but at least they know a kink when they see one. And at least they don't insist their kink is better than yours. Well, most of the time, anyways. But this site, full of grown up women who play with dolls priced $300 and up, went all out in their hate of cuddly shota fluff. Bwuh? o_o;

(x-posted to my doll journal)

November 12th, 2006

Juni! ♥


Kyu got here yesterday. He's just the sweetest thing ever. ♥ I had planned to turn him into Kiv, another one of my original characters, but the personality just didn't fit at all. o.o; So now he's Kiv's younger brother, Kyu. He's a catboy, and is supposed to have silver hair, cat ears, eyes and tail. Edit: The brat is now called Juni, and wasn't Kiv's younger brother after all. x_x

August 22nd, 2006

White means white

Duh. I'm an idiot. x_x; The body I got for Adrian's head... was white. While his head is normal skin colour. There is about 0% match in the resin colour. Oh, the headache.

Will add pics of the disaster when I get home from work. -_-;

August 6th, 2006

Aaaaah! Volks new FCS headmolds! F-31! It's Naoki! Ahhhhh! *runs around in circles* I must have! It'll cost me at the very least $800! And I need to cough that kind of money up like... right now! Gyaaah! *panic*

(Yes, I totally stole that pic from Songblade on DoA. ^_^;)

Ah, OK, the more coherent version is here: I've been thinking of getting an Elfdoll Wu doll for Naoki before, but while Wu is gorgeous and everything... he's just too happy looking. ;_; And then, along comes F-31. And he's a "you can only buy me in this special shop" doll and "also, my skin colour will only be available until October." *weep* There are people willing to go there and get it for you, sure, but they are few and charge a lot extra for the trouble. And $800 starting price isn't exactly cheap to begin with. In fact, it's about half of what I earn in a month. x_x Then add 25% import tax. *dies* Now what do I do?? I must have him!

*looks around for stuff to sell*

Edit: Ack! Apparently this mold is only available as an elf. I thought I could get one with human ears. Oh well. ;_;

July 16th, 2006

I won Adrian a body on ebay! Well, it was actually a complete doll, but nevertheless. It's a limited edition R-asiam doll, and I already feel pretty awful for scavenging him like this. ^_^; Also, I'm not sure the seller will actually send it to me... The winning bid was $286.99... and LE R-asiam was $780 from DIM. o.o

Update July 21st: It's been 5 days and not a word yet from the seller. -_- I paid the doll pretty much instantly, and sent her a message through ebay since my email has been dead for a while (forgot to pay the domain registry fee ^_^;), but so far there are no replies at all. I would totally understand it if she decides not to sell the doll to me at that price, I just wish she would tell me so...

Update July 23rd: Yay! The seller replied! And she says the doll is on her way. o.o Yes, Her. Hahaha! But! She mailed him! ^_^_^_^

Update August 3rd: I think I'll probably throw a fit or something if the package doesn't show up today or tomorrow. It's been 19 days since I paid, and 14 days since she said she'd already sent it. How long does mail from australia take anyway?? Surely she didn't send it by seamail. x_x;

August 9th: I became impatient again and mailed the seller. She said the package should take 4 weeks to arrive, and that she sent it on the 19th of August. Which means... he'll be here within the week! Yay! :3

May 24th, 2006

A windy day

Adrian and I braved the storm winds today to take a bunch of pics of him with his new hairstyle. Now, don't ask how I did it, or someone will surely send the Dollfie police on me, for this horrible case of wig abuse. But if you must know, I can reveal that I used glue like other people use hairgel. Hahaha!

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